Wilmington African American Community Remembrance Project

Welcome to the Wilmington African American Community Remembrance Project.  The history of African Americans in the city of Wilmington, North Carolina is our focus.

Soil Collection Ceremony

There will be a Soil Collection Ceremony on November 6 to honor those killed. Get details…

The People of 1898

Who was affected by the Wilmington Coup of 1898? Learn more…

Resources for Learning

Resources to help you learn about Wilmington 1898. Learn more…

How You Can Help

Are you a descendant of a victim of the Wilmington Coup? Contact us…

This website has been established in support of a twofold mission: 

  1. Gathering and sharing the research of families and institutions associated with the city circa 1865-1950, and the collection of relevant documents, photographs, and stories.
  2. Establishing a means of outreach and community interaction with the goal of presenting educational programs and activities centering on Wilmington’s rich African American heritage.

The initial launch of this website is centered on assisting the research work of the New Hanover County Community Remembrance Project. The NHCCRP is a group of local residents formed with the principal objective of organizing a Community Soil Collection Project through the guidance of the Equal Justice Initiative (eji.org).  The project will result in a ceremony held on November 6th of this year to honor the eight verified victims of the 1898 coup d’état that unfolded in Wilmington.  Our research goal is to identify, document, and invite the descendants of anyone who survived the horrific 1898 event. Their ancestors were part of this impactful moment in the history of Black Wilmington, and we are hopeful that they will join us in remembering them and assist us in telling the story from the perspective of the African American community and therefore ensure that it is not forgotten.

Watch this space for more info about Wilmington 1898